Our highly experienced immigration solicitors can offer you a fixed fee service on a range of immigration matters.

Whether you want to extend your permission to stay or apply to stay permanently in the UK, we can help you through the different stages.

We have a dedicated immigration and asylum team that specialises in UK Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Law.

We are accredited by both the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and Lexcel to ensure we provide the best possible service. Our immigration department consists of a wealth of experience from basic immigration advice, right through to ligation to the High Court for Judicial Review matters.

We can provide you a detailed advice, full representation and appeal Advocacy to ensure that we take care of your case from beginning right through to the end. Our work is conducted under both, Legal Aid funding (for specific cases such as Asylum & Domestic Violence) and also a fixed fee paying basis for immigration and nationality matters.


A fair, transparent and low-cost service for the work we do. Due to government funding cuts, the Legal Aid Agency no longer fund most immigration and nationality matters.


Once you instruct us to represent your case, we ask that you remain contactable throughout the period we represent you. We will provide you with a detailed client care letter of including our terms and conditions for you to agree and sign. Once advising you of the law and procedure, we will guide you as to the evidence required to build your case. We ask that this is also provided in a timely manner.


We first listen to the questions and queries you have. We then proceed to look any paperwork that you bring to show us in order that we understand the nature of your case properly.

Having considered the above we then provide you with detailed advice on the circumstances presented to us. Where possible, we will ensure to provide you with various options and then we provide our recommendations on the best course of action available. On most occasions, we will also try to provide you with our indication of success rates on the options we have presented. The final choice is then left for you consider.

By the end of this detailed advice session, you will be well informed on your original query and of possible future actions for further consideration. No further obligation rests with either you or us. However, you may then wish to instruct us to conduct further work if you are content with advice and service we provided.


This is our complete advice/ representation package. Including the above, we take care of your case from beginning to the end. Regardless of the level work involved between you and us or us and a third party relating to your case (eg. the Home Office), we take care of it all at no extra cost.

Our full representation fees are at a fixed price per matter instructed. You will be clear from the beginning how much the legal fees will be. No unexpected surprises on our costs, just a complete and transparent service from us so that you can manage your finances from the very offset.


We provide an in-house appeal and bail application representation. You can be an existing or new client to take this service. Upon refusals from the Home Office, we prepare grounds of appeal and lodge appeal notices with supporting evidence in order for the Home Office to review the case. Failing a favourable outcome before an appeal, we would then prepare your appeal bundle and submissions to represent your case for a substantive hearing at the tribunals.

We also provide standalone tribunal representation for hearings as long as we are given reasonable time to prepare before the hearing. We advocate on cases referred to us by other representatives to appear at for hearings too. Well-prepared cases and comprehensive advocacy at a court of law is vital for a successful outcome. That’s what we do best.


If you want to arrange an immigration application or an appeal yourself, you can arrange a document checking service from us. Book an appointment to see us and we will sit down with you and see your completed application form along with the evidence that you intend to submit.

We will provide you our professional opinion whether your application meets the minimum requirements and also if appears to be adequately prepared. This service is unlike the Post Office or local authority checking services because we can provide our legal opinion based on our years of experience and provide useful tips to follow before submission.

We can help you with the following applications

  • Overseas application to come to UK as a visitor, spouse, investor, student etc
  • Overseas appeals in the UK
  • In-country applications to vary your leave or to extended your current stay
  • In-country applications as an illegal entrant or overstayer to make a concessionary based application
  • EEA Regulation applications (for the EEA member or their EEA family or non EEA family member)
  • Immigration detention representation – with onsite visits
  • Deportation proceedings
  • Administrative removal matters
  • Document certification


These are the fees that are fixed by the home office and will have to be paid directly to the Home Office. Please note that the fees are subject to change.