If you have a housing issue, please call our reception on 020 8969 7473. If you have a potential case, we may refer you to our Housing Triage Clinic which is run by law students and organised by BPP College of Law on Monday mornings.

We will assess your case for Legal Aid eligibility at the telephone triage clinic. If we are able to take on your case, we will invite you to attend an appointment where we can give you substantive legal advice. If you fit within Legal Aid requirements, we can help you free of charge. All our advice is impartial, independent and confidential.

We offer legal advice if your matter is in scope for Legal Aid for the following issues:

  • Homelessness;
  • Repossession and Eviction by Landlord;
  • Serious Disrepair – resulting in the removal of serious risks to occupier health and safety (claims for damages are out of scope).
  • We prioritise helping local residents, and we do not represent landlords.

The Law Centre was set up in 1970 to find the scourge of rogue landlords in North Kensington at that time. Ever since then, we have fought for tenant’s basic housing rights to ensure they have access to justice.